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Another Little Camera Retires

I missed a great shot yesterday, but I can’t blame my little camera…

I actually shoot many of my photos with my little Pentax Optio point-and-shoot. This is the camera I carry around the house, it’s in every backpack or bag I carry or in a convenient pocket, anywhere that I can grab it quickly and get a photo—I have often joked that I’d like to have a digital camera surgically implanted into the palm of my hand, since it’s there most of the time anyway.

My digital SLR is a Pentax K10D (I had always used a Pentax K1000 and can use most of the gear on my digital SLR that I used with the K1000) but I can’t carry that big camera around like the little one. Therefore, that little camera gets into some situations a camera really shouldn’t go—my last one got dunked into Chartiers Creek eight times before it decided it was tired of being treated with so little respect—hence, they don’t last for too many years. New cameras come out so quickly that by the time my little camera needs a repair it’s no longer serviced.

So I didn’t get the photo of the row of motorcycles gleaming in the sun in front of Club Cafe on the South Side. I’ll never see that again, but I’d better get a new little digital soon so I don’t miss another great shot.

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