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And then I gave up working for the day…

Gave up work for the day

They are always doing something unique, that whimsical quartet of siblings, but sometimes they have the right idea. I really was tired, my eyes were strained, I was losing focus at the end of a long day, and one by one the three boys piled up trying to get their point across (we need dinner, you need to stop working), hence the multiple nap. Then Mewsette, the big sister, piled on top of all of them and began bathing them all in turn, causing things to start falling off my desk. Still, I could pile papers on top of them and keep working. When the paws and tails expanded onto my keyboard, I decided to take their advice and quit working for the day.

I don’t often post the same photo on both blogs, but this is also on The Creative Cat. I’ll be posting another of this group with their mom soon!

Then there was the three-day festival Carnegie Arts & Heritage Festival—I am on the planning committee and also a participating vendor.  I’ll have several photos from that as well! Now that it’s over I have the time to post again.

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