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Someone Got Your Goat?

Got Your Goat

Got Your Goat?

I see no small amount of similarity between these two…perhaps it’s the expressions.

Someone Got Your Goat?

Someone Got Your Goat?

As much as I love my woods and streams, I love to photograph the city. On my occasional trips into Pittsburgh, the camera is always in hand. This particular day I knew I’d be attempting to photograph Heinz Field while the Steelers played the Packers (no one would ever call me a sports fan of any sort, but I’ll photograph an event), so the good camera went with me.

I also like the distance view because in this one, the gentleman is such an anachronism!

I’ll have several other photos to post from this city visit as well as a subsequent one. On the original visit, I was dropping artwork at a gallery for a show. On the second visit, I went to the opening at night, and the city at night is really beautiful.

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