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Deck the Walls


Deck the Walls at AAP's holiday art show

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh’s “Deck the Walls” show opened last Friday at Gallery 707 on Penn Avenue, right next to a show at Gallery 709, and there were performances at the Benedum and a few other things happening, and the Cultural District was happening with people and color and activity.



A view into the gallery next door…

City Lights

City Lights

…and a view out of the gallery.

The weather was still warm enough for people to gather outside.


Cultural District Stop Sign

And dance a little.


Dancing on the Sidewalk


The Night Bicycle

Who will ride this one home?

This foot is not pedaling the bicycle. Yes, I sat on the sidewalk with my camera pointed at the bicycle waiting to get a good shot of feet passing by.


Bicycle and Foot


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