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Kitten Energy

Fromage in Motion

Fromage in Motion

How do you capture the essence of an energetic kitten? Here she is in motion, a little blur in her blurred surroundings as she goes about her busy day.

I have a household of cats and foster now and then. This little one was rescued by a friend, abandoned somehow at perhaps only two weeks old, her eyes newly opened and still a cloudy gray, and certainly not weaned. If she was to survive, she would need bottle feeding and lots of training, by a human who would take the place of her mom. Fromage was a hearty spirit, though, from her resounding shrieks the night she was rescued, and those are the ones who will make it against all odds. I handed her over to her forever home, a healthy, vibrant playful kitten. Read about Fromage on my other blog, The Creative Cat, in “A Little Baby Foster Kitten” and “A Little Life Saved“.


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