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Snow at Sunrise

photo of a snowy morning sunrise with rooftops and trees

Snow in the Air

Snow on snow on snow, but I really don’t easily tire of it.

This morning the view out my favorite window showed gently falling snow, just flakes drifting down with no wind, filling the air with a sparkling mist, and the sun a warm glow in the sky.

I ran to get my camera, much to the consternation of my cats, who hadn’t had breakfast yet, nor me my coffee, then I closed the door in their faces so I could open the window and photograph right out into the air, their little imaginations placing them on the windowsill on the edge of danger, catching snowfalkes in their fur.

But I got the image that inspired me to photograph in the first place. I love rooftops, and there were my neighbors’ two big complicated roofs against the mist of the snow, the creamy light falling on the faces of the dormers, the shadowed sides blue, the trees and branches etched against it.

A snowfall like this is a gift to stop and enjoy the patient, peaceful nature of it, as it fell all over the city and suburb.

One response

  1. love the feeling that i am a bird gazing over the powdered housetops from my wooded abode

    January 13, 2010 at 1:41 pm

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