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Extreme Downhill

Mt. Washington Downhill

Mt. Washington Downhill

This street goes down and down and down and curves and bends and why would anyone build a street like this?!After the stop where you see the car’s taillights, the street curves and keeps going down and down and down.

It may have begun as a cow path from the pasture to the home up on the top of Mt. Washington—before the turn of the last century, many people kept livestock in their yards, and cows were regularly put out to pasture for the day in the closest field.

It may also have been a footpath since it goes straight down the hill, unlike a horse trail which would have curved around the hill or had switchbacks. Most horses would have some trouble negotiating a path this steep, and with a cart it would have been impossible.

Streets like this make Pittsburghers pretty fearless drivers.


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