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What the Beans Are Doing Now

bean blossoms

Bean Blossoms

Taking a break from photos of Pittsburgh for the moment, here’s an exciting update on the beans in my garden.

I was enthralled by the way they so joyfully sprouted, all in one day, about a month ago. Now they are blossoming with those lovely delicate crepe-paper blossoms; this is the green bean blossom, which is always violet, while the yellow bean blossom is always white.

We don’t always think of our vegetable garden as being full of flowers, but how else do our vegetables bear fruit? All through the season you can find them, some as bold as a pumpkin flower, yellow-orange and bigger than your hand, and some as small and delicate as the bean blossom.

Click here to read the other bean entries. And soon well have beans.

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