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Welcome to the Neighborhood

two colorful birdfeeders

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hand made birdhouses, created by local kids in school, hang in young maples along the Panhandle Trail in Collier Township. They’re not usually hung this close together, but these two look so neighborly.

Local kids finished their art project and hung their birdhouses at the end of last semester so the colors are still bright. I used one of the photos I’d taken just a few weeks ago on a cold sunny walk along the trail for a design project and the colors stayed with me. Today, bright enough in the morning but overcast by afternoon and without the reflected white light of total snowcover, the bright blues and pinks called to me.

I hope they’re calling to the birds too so I know where to find them when I go photographing later in the spring. But in the meantime I enjoy the bright flashes of color in the scrub along the trail.

One response

  1. Bernie Tracy

    This is so beautiful of things to come with spring. We really need the hope of the colors and sounds of spring.

    February 9, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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