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sparrow on fence in black and white photo


One tiny sparrow decorates the picket fence, washed by angled morning sunlight.

Patterns, both natural and man made, work so well in black and white photography because you can avoid the distraction of color and just enjoy the shape and form, the play of light on an object and the abstract shapes created by the light and shadow. Running my eyes on the pattern of light and shadow on the picket fence for me is almost like walking along and dragging a stick on the pickets, hearing both the taps and the silences as they make their aural pattern, the companion to the visual pattern.

The waving habit of the fence adds interest to the pattern, creating a visual rhythm all its own.

The shadow on the ground, while not as strong, is also intriguing, broken up by grass and gravel.

And, of course, the common little house sparrow sits atop like a punctuation mark.

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