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Complementary Colors

male cardinal in green branches

What to do?

A male cardinal pauses to decide exactly what to do next on this lovely sunny day—sing? fly? hop to another branch? check the bird feeders? find his lady?

Well, that was exactly what he did, in that order, during at least the next 20 minutes while I was observing.

And I was enjoying a gloriously colorful morning as well, awakening my color cues and design senses for a long day at the computer. Thank you, Mr. Cardinal, for helping me through the day! I do believe his is the one who periodically sings outside my office window.

I often think the cardinals are most stunning in winter when the bright flash of red burns against the white of snow, especially when cardinals group together as they do in winter. But against this brilliant spring green with the sun shining, that red, if possible, looks even more brilliant than in the winter.

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