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Winter Afternoon on the Trail

sketch of trail

Trail Sketch, pastel, © B.E. Kazmarski

I took a walk on the Panhandle Trail on Christmas day, a lovely sunny day and even fairly warm, no snow, but no rain either. Of course, there were many photo opportunities and one of my pleasures of being on the trail is also doing a sketch or two. Above is my sketch from Christmas day, just a nice spot on the trail, but nothing notable. I like to show the edges of a sketch, not sure why.

I hear about winter being “gray” or “brown” and somehow these colors are unpleasant and there are no others in the scene. Anyone who doesn’t see the the colors of a winter day just needs to stand still and let them happen. Below is the photo I took of the same scene, though it was near the time I was done and the light had changed somewhat. Still, there are blues and purples and reds and yellows to be found in highlights and shadows, and the light itself is always dramatic.

trail image

Trail Image

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