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In Confidence: 2011

two people on a bridge

In Confidence

An unusually warm day and it’s so good to see people outside, even in this stark venue, an abandoned railroad bridge over Chartiers Creek in the middle of an old industrial park. That was what caught my eye—I’m so accustomed to the muted tones of the buildings, the rust and graffiti on the bridge, the creek water with flotsam building around the bridge piers, then surprisingly two figures balanced on the flat top of the bridge rail, young girls in shorts and the anomaly in all that ancient industrial milieu, they are texting.

Surely, no one can hear their conversations in this remote setting, but what a neat idea of being able to communicate anywhere!

I remember these warm days growing up and running outside, feeling that freedom of being without all the heavy clothing and gathering with friends like a flock of birds. I guess if I were a teenager today I’d be texting too.


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