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Groovy, 2010

photo of building painted in 60s retro

Groovy Building

A retro building is given a retro repaint from another era, but it works. I left a bit of the one next door, which is retro to yet another era, with perhaps a bit of shabby chic tossed into the look

This is Pittsburgh’s South Side where the main street is packed with building after building constructed around the turn of the last century or before. Most of the buildings still stand and some just get an update every few generations. It’s exciting to walk down the street and see one era or individual style after another; one of these days I’ll get around to a photo essay of the neighborhood.

I took this photo while sitting in traffic and didn’t get the chance for another shot to get the bottom of the building. I find the combination of colors, coral, purple and gold, really exciting, though I might have added a little turquoise or cobalt.

This, however, being Pittsburgh, it’s not complete without a little black and gold, in this case two posters for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the sidelight windows.

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