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First Bouquet

flowers in teapot

First Bouquet

Beginning with the first flowers I keep flowers gathered from the yard in vases on my front porch. It’s much too dark to grow anything and I appreciate the color and enjoy arranging the wild and hybrid flowers all through the summer. Everything is late in blooming this year and last weekend I finally had some forsythia to add to the vase by the door, and I had so few daffodils I didn’t want to cut them. But today the forget-me-nots were blooming in earnest along with the flowers from turnips that had wintered over, a welcome bright yellow.

This “vase” is one of my old teapots, the red enamel one I grew up in which my mother made tea each night to go with dinner. It sprung a leak but I have kept it, placing a jar inside it to hold the water and flowers. It’s on the swing on my front porch. I don’t mind sharing my swing with flowers.

Below is a photo of just the flowers, so pretty in afternoon sun; I didn’t realize I hadn’t caught the left side with the bold shadows on the arm of the swing. I love shadows as you can see above on the seat of the swing. Here’s one of the early photos from last year, but not that it’s from April 8, much earlier than now.

Turnip flowers and forget-me-nots.

Turnip flowers and forget-me-nots.

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