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A Handful of Painters

painters palette

Phil’s Palette

On my walk to the post office today I saw a painter with his easel set up along the little path. It was Phil Salvato, painting Main Street across the creek. I stopped to talk for a bit, photographed him and his palette (I love palettes in use), then proceeded on to where he’d told me the next to painters were stationed, Sandy and Keith, below.

phil salvato painting

Phil Salvato

To give you an idea where they are, Phil is standing just about where I encountered the gray catbird last week, and Sandy and Keith are standing where I often visit the ducks and geese in the winter.

woman painting at easel


man painting at easel


. . . . . . .

For a print of any photo, visit “purchasing” for availability and terms. For photos of lots of black cats and other cats—and even some birds as I first published this post there—visit The Creative Cat.

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