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Three Birds in Flight in the Lobby

aluminum sculpture of birds

“Three Birds in Flight” by Mary Callery

“Three Birds in Flight” by sculptor Mary Callery has soared through the multi-story entrance to the Regional Enterprise Tower in Pittsburgh for 60 years.

This building was once called Alcoa Tower, housing the home offices of the Aluminum Company of America, or ALCOA, and the building is faced with aluminum. This sculpture was made from 700 pounds of aluminum and was installed in the lobby when the Alcoa Tower was opened in 1953. Callery was born in New York but grew up in Pittsburgh, traveling to Europe and settling in France. She returned to the United States during WWII and later returned to France. Among many other sculptures in her life’s work, she was commissioned to create three sculptures in aluminum for the Alcoa Tower, “Three Birds in Flight” being one of them. I am honored to have a sculpture by such a renowned artist in our city, and I find it interesting that in an era when female artists were not taken seriously ALCOA chose to commission a woman to create its signature welcoming sculptures.

Read more about Mary Callery and more about this sculpture.


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  1. wonderful sculpture

    October 18, 2013 at 2:49 pm

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