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Really Bad Camouflage

What's your problem? she wants to know.

What’s your problem? she wants to know.

Praying Mantises are usually difficult to spot because they look like a stick among other sticks on a shrub or in a tree. A burgundy chrysanthemum is definitely not good cover.

It’s actually from 2008, before I began photo-blogging, but it’s one of my favorites. Usually, finding a praying mantis is a surprise as they are typically so well camouflaged while waiting for a hapless insect to land nearby, but deep rose-colored chrysanthemums are hardly a foil for a long, slender pale green insect!

They aren’t fearful of humans so I could get close and take quite a few photos. I was watching its tongue flick in and out as it tasted/smelled the air, and I have a few photos of it cleaning its front legs as well.

Spending time with a living creature so different from one’s self is always an interesting experience.

. . . . . . .

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