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A Straight Line

railroad tracks in the snow.

A Straight Line

From last year, but something I saw just today.

Possibly a good way to begin the year, but virtually impossible for most of us.

But train tracks always fascinate me in their absolute perfection of line in this part of the country. This line variously clings to the side of a hill before running along the edge of a hill and crossing a number of tunnels and trestles. The topography is everywhere here—hills come in every shape and size, creeks and streams run down every hill and along the bottoms of hills, little back roads wind back and forth with creeks and yet the railroad lines predictably go in a straight line off to the horizon, aside from ones that make lovely gentle curves like another local line I photographed last week.

This line actually does go gently around a curve where it disappears in the distance.

. . . . . . .

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