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The Magic of Bubbles

hands and bubbles

Reaching for the bubbles.

Along with everyone else I was enchanted by the huge bubbles people were making! Two long sticks with a 36″ loop of rope between were dipped into five-gallon buckets of bubble solution then held up to the breeze coming off the river. Sometimes one long bubble would form like a long tube, but if the wind moved about or the make moved the sticks it would twist and fold on itself or break into individual bubbles.

Of course, I had to get the bubbles and the fountain together in a few photos.

hands and bubbles

The best bubble of all.

This perfect bubble moved on the wind through the crowd…

soap bubble

This bubble went floating by…

…then suddenly, pop!

soap bubble


The most wonderful thing was that everyone around the bubbles was smiling! The light was a little too dim to get a good photo of it, though.

. . . . . . .

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