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Busy Bees
Busy Bees

Bees, hard at work in the garden, all taken in a 15-minute span—and these were the ones who weren’t too blurry or didn’t look alike. Don’t forget to plant something for them to eat so we can eat too. Collage made in Instagram. . . . . . . . All images used on this […]

The Busy Bees
sunflower with bees

Three busy honeybees carry out their duties on these bright sunflowers. These sunflowers were planted along someone’s driveway in an area where I was driving today. I quickly checked behind me, pulled over and rolled my window down, reluctant to get out into the heat. I got several good shots, but didn’t see the bees […]

Autumn Sweetness

Inspired by bees getting an early start, busily gathering pollen in these early days of autumn. Copyright (c) Bernadette E. Kazmarski


Thistle blooms seem so exotic, vibrant violet fringe spilling from brilliant thorny green vases. They’ve grown along the path all summer, thorny rosettes flat on the ground in spring slowly reaching upward as each month passed. The stems rounded with bony-leafed hands tipped with frightening thorns guarding the precious flower buds, such that I could […]

Five Sentence Fiction: Breakfast
Before the Change

The morning’s brilliant sunshine belied the cool air, but the bumblebee, sluggish at breakfast on the spent seed head, foretold the change to come. The season had been awaiting the moment and the moment was here, and even as the day warmed and the bees efficiently bumbled on their way, grand and beautiful clouds appeared […]

Hanging By A Stamen
Hanging by a stamen.

I saw a big happy bumble browsing the blossoms of the ornamental pear that grows next to my deck. The top branches lean sideways far enough to see them right outside the bathroom window and I and my cats had front row seats to watch this big slow-moving black and yellow bee in the early […]

Got That Pollen, Heading Home
Got that pollen and taking it home.

Someone’s headed off to the hive with stash of pollen! How many bees do you see here? And in all the other photos? One of them has five bees on these crocuses! These crocuses were humming with bees as was another clump of them, and as long as the sun was shining the bees were […]

Nature’s Decorations

Mother Nature did a little decorating this week too. This photo is part of a series call “Unexpected Berries”, inspired by finding brilliant red berries on my burning bush in the dead of winter in three feet of snow. I began photographing all the winter berries I found, on the grayest days. See these images […]

purple asters

It’s time for the autumn asters to bloom in earnest. These pale violet asters appear along the road, at the edge of woods, , along a fence, even in your garden if you haven’t pulled everything that’s not what you’ve planted. They’ve been growing there, quietly, all summer long, and now that nearly all else […]

Raspberries in the Bloom
Raspberry in the Bloom

This is a raspberry long before you find it on the stem. Just opened this morning some of its features may look like another common flower, the rose, the family to which the raspberry belongs. It has a ring of five tiny petals but that puffy center and the unopened bud next along with the […]