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Autumn Abstraction
black and white photo

The tops of corn plants, the light through the leaves, and a teeny tiny spider tries to catch a final meal with a slight web between to plants. Taken on black and white film with Pentax K-1000 in my garden years ago.

Second Bloom
phlox flowers

A little faded, vintage-looking, delicate flowers fill with the casting sun of an autumn afternoon. The old-fashioned phlox that has its way with the edges of my garden is typically a spring and early summer flower, brilliant magenta just after the summer solstice, calling hummingbirds and butterflies from all points in the area. But in […]

Dill With Dew
black and white photo of dill

Another black and white from the autumn garden, a large head of dill with sparkles of dew catching the morning sun that filters through the trees. This was taken with black and white film with my Pentax K-1000 SLR with a 1.5X converter. The film grain is partly in the shot, partly from the print. […]