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Lost My Marbles
photo of marbles

I found this bunch of marbles in the soil of a yard where I lived years ago. None is valuable, but the are all interesting and were probably some child’s collection of neat stuff that somehow got tossed in the yard—big brother teasing? little sister go hold of them? mom tired of the noise of […]

Front Line
Front Line

The front line is definitely in charge here. Another in the “Lost My Marbles” series. It’s a year ago today I rinsed the marbles, used in jars with plant cuttings, and laid them out to dry in the sun on the faded table on my deck. I’m so glad I did that on a sunny […]

That Green One in the Back
marbles on a table

I actually photographed these marbles back in March, just as the days were really lengthening and very, very bright. I have about 60 photos, and I like them all, and every so often I pull one out for my “Lost My Marbles” series, especially when I need a good dose of sun and color, like […]

Patiently Waiting
colorful marbles in the sun

I needed another dose of my marbles in the sun. The warm weather went away and the rains came and the cold wind. Hopefully it’s just for a day and I will patiently wait. See also “Lost My Marbles” . . . . . . . For a print of any photo, visit “purchasing” for […]