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The First Raspberries!
First Raspberries

Yum! First raspberries! I have mixed feelings about the fact that a bird got that first ripe berry! I decided to leave it there until I went inside from morning watering and transplanting, when I went to get it, it was gone, not on the ground anywhere, but birds had been over there. Well, they […]


Raspberries in the Bloom
Raspberry in the Bloom

This is a raspberry long before you find it on the stem. Just opened this morning some of its features may look like another common flower, the rose, the family to which the raspberry belongs. It has a ring of five tiny petals but that puffy center and the unopened bud next along with the […]

Red Raspberries
red raspberries

They speak for themselves. Having a berry hangover from yesterday, especially seeing these berries at the market.

Red Raspberries

They speak for themselves.

A Day In the Woods: 2011
Looking Forward

One of my favorite photos from a visit by my great niece and nephews a few years ago, “Looking Forward” was included in my exhibit, “Sun Shadow Ice & Snow: Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail 2015“. I enjoyed this day so much, and this photo has become one of my favorites of all time for […]

The Old Rocker
The Old Rocker

It’s just that –an old rocker I pulled from someone’s trash because it’s old and solid and comfortable. I set it in the grass to clean off my deck and then the sun started to go down. With the forget-me-nots and violets and young raspberries in bud next to the peeling, faded paint it looks […]

A Day In the Woods: 2011
girl in stream water

Rather than post a photo of frost or snow or something else to do with this frigid weather, I thought I’d share one of my all-time favorite photos from my visits to the woods along the Panhandle Trail, from summer 2011 when a great-niece and great-nephew came to visit from out of town and we […]

Poem for Saturday: Raspberry Dreams
wild raspberries

The raspberries are finally ripening, and it’s time to go and harvest a few baskets and to visit the warm quiet places at the edges of woods filled only with the sounds of insects humming and buzzing and clicking, and birds singing to each other in the cool darkness among the trees. Though raspberry time […]

A Day In the Woods: 2011
girl in stream water

I enjoyed this day so much last year, and this photo has become one of my favorites of all time for so many reasons: the literal and metaphorical meanings behind my great-niece standing in shallow water, looking upstream, the ripples rolling out from her, she is growing up; the colors and spatters of sun on […]

A Berry Good Time
black raspberries in a vintage cup

Breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning? Berries are so June! Berries are everywhere, especially red and black raspberries. I have a few black raspberries in my yard which the birds generously planted, and a couple of years ago I took photos of the berries I harvested and used as models, then ate for breakfast, plus […]