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Veterans: A Designed Collage
sign header

I thought I’d share this emblem I designed for Memorial Day. I designed this art as the header for a series of signs, using two photos I’d taken at my Carnegie’s Memorial Day parades, softening and blending them together and adding the Coolidge quote per the client for this design assignment. The background is a […]


I took this photo in Carnegie’s Memorial Day Parade, but it could be anywhere in the United States on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day, veterans proud to march and carry their colors. This photo is one of the images in my recent exhibit, “Carnegie Photographed”. I’ll be posting a slideshow of this exhibit soon.

The Thanks of a Grateful Nation
the veterans flag

My personal tribute to veterans everywhere, beginning with my father, veteran of WWII. This is a small portion of the flag I fly on appropriate holidays, and sometimes when I just feel like it. It’s the flag that was presented to my mother at my father’s funeral, he a veteran of the U.S. Army and […]

Streets of North Side, Pittsburgh
Galveston Street, North Side, Pittsburgh

Part of the “Mexican War Streets”, this neighborhood is a Pittsburgh original, once the destination for the city’s most wealthy, then in the way city neighborhoods often decline and rise again, a good bit of it fell to ruins but is now being revived, as the buildings themselves just waited for their time to come […]

Memorial Day Parade, a pencil sketch
"Memorial Day Parade", 12" x 18", pencil, 2008 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

The good old traditional parade on the good old traditional Main Street, in my home town of Carnegie, PA. I am not a big fan of parades but my mother loved them, so every year until the year before she died I set us up on Main Street regardless of the weather and we cheered […]

civil-war era headstone with flag

In the dense, comforting shade of a century-old spreading maple, a section of the row of headstones farthest back in the military veteran’s section, the first stones to be installed during the Civil War, reads only: SOLDIER 1861–1865 A father, brother, husband, son of someone, unknown, but honored by a headstone that tells of his […]

US army pin

The brass pin from my father’s Army cap from WWII, a little tarnished, a little battered, but it still says “US”. That’s all of us, and it’s up to us all to ensure our freedom. Happy Veteran’s Day. Read more posts about my father’s service and the service of others in my family, as well […]

A Party on Main Street
election day

The sun was turning golden in late afternoon when I walked down to my polling place on election day in November 2012. Main Street looked lovely, and with this flag perfectly illuminated at the moment I walked toward it I thought what being able to cast a vote means to all of us in every […]

On D-Day
National Cemetery of the Alleghenies

I passed the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, sited on a lovely former farm where I used to paint, on my way to a friend’s house and a local trail, late in the afternoon when shadows were long. Nothing grips your heart like the orderly rows of white headstones in a military cemetery. I kept […]

Memorial Day

Even though Memorial Day was founded to memorialize the losses of the Civil War, it came to be an important day of remembrance for our losses in successive wars as conflicts came nearly every other decade in the century following. I always focus on WWII, since that was my parents’ experience, all the male relatives […]