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Why Dandelions are Essential
dandelion with honey bee

Where else can a hungry honey bee find a meal early in the spring when nothing else is blooming? This little cluster of dandelions is a lifesaver for a bee with spring coming so late and many plants blooming even later, or not at all after a series of freezes. This is another in my […]

photo of pysanky on traditional cross-stitch cloth

It doesn’t happen too often but in this year the Easter celebrations of both the Catholic and Orthodox traditions of my childhood meet on the same Sunday. I heard the bells early this morning from both of the churches I have attended on Easter, the Catholic church where I also went to school, and the […]

“Everything Is Connected”

The flower of a tomato plant has the pollen so tightly held on the anther that it takes the vibration of a bumblebee to loosen it. The bee becomes dusted with the golden treasure, and leaves that flower for the next flower, spreading this elixir of life for tomatoes while gathering some for his own […]

Poem for Sunday: The Gift of a Morning

I’ll be speaking a little later today about “Loving Again After Loss, Why We Adopt Pets” at the Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation and remembering again all the cats who came to shape my life and left me a better person. Just as my cats have inspired me to visual art, […]

Evening Purple Dance
blue vervain

The delicate purple spikes of blue vervain bloom in the quiet time of the summer, elegant and dignified among the frenzy of production in my vegetable garden. One of my favorite wildflowers for its color and its sweet blooming, blue vervain was a volunteer in my garden, finding my little space acceptable to its needs. […]

Native Wild Hollyhock
wild hollyhock

The delicate pink is so lovely, looking like crepe paper, purple veins and stamens, and the leaves are silver-green. Always take care for your native plants that feed these important and endangered honeybees. And not only that, but they are lovely and hardy as rocks, growing here by the creek with no help from anyone..


Nothing fancy, just a little work in PhotoShop on a very common vegetable. These are the flowers for leeks, a member of the onion family. They are biennial as onions are, growing greens and growing their bulbs the first year, which is when we usually pull and use them. If left to overwinter in the […]

Forget Me Not
forget me nots

The forget-me-nots begin their first tentative blooms at the beginning of April, and continue through most of May. I permit—no, I encourage—the forget-me-nots, a native wildlflower, to naturalize all over my backyard, across the grass and into the flower beds, and each spring eagerly await their abundance. Every year I look for the first few […]

Burdock: 2011

Think burdock isn’t good for anything but getting caught stuck in your clothes or your pet’s fur and making a mess? Ask this honeybee! I’m always glad to see honeybees coming to the plants in my back yard wildlife habitat. This burdock is actually growing in my yard, though some might consider it a weed. […]

Burdock and Bee
honeybee on burdock plant

Near sunset the bees and butterflies were getting their last meal of the day; the burdock was apparently a hot spot to be. I used my favorite old lens, the 50mm with a 1.5X converter so I have a very short focal length, focusing on one thing in the image and variously softening all the […]