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New and Old
morning glories on white barn

I’m back to that old white barn in my neighbor’s back yard. Each year morning glories grow at the corners and they always look fresh and new, no matter the color. The graceful vines and shapely bright green heart-shaped leaves along with the vibrant purple flowers look delicate and sweet clinging to the weathered boards […]

Window Into the Past
old window

Faded paint, faded wood, faded glass even, dusty with years of grime, so much that this image looks nearly monochromatic, the only coloring offered by the iron oxide from the old nails. It’s that old carriage house in my neighbor’s back yard again. There’s just something I always find so inspiring in its details and […]


The morning glory vines I’d photographed a few weeks ago twining around the rusty wrought iron fence were now blooming, so I took my camera to photograph on a walk through the neighborhood to Main Street. However, I had forgotten to change the settings on my camera, which were on fully manual and set for […]