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Oh, My, What Happened to My World?

photo of frog sculpture

Big and Little Frog can't believe what they see.

So say Big and Little Frog, who I haven’t seen in about two weeks. They finally surfaced over the weekend when the drift of snow they’ve been hibernating under finally melted and fell away from them. I guess they’re just as surprised as I am.

The bird baths on are their sides, the burning bush is still largely under snow (and being nibbled by Hester the bunny), and the fence is pretty much useless under a branch, mashed-up shrubs and heavy snow.

I found plenty of evidence of coming spring, though, and I’ll be featuring those photos here and on The Creative Cat as I write article about welcoming spring in your Backyard Wildlife Habitat. Soon enough, Big and Little Frog will be hosting butterflies to their little tablespoon of water.