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Primary and Secondary Colors

building with evening lights
building with evening lights

Lights in Primary and Secondary Colors.

The traffic lights add red and green to the blue and yellow and orange of the lights in the Greyhound station in downtown Pittsburgh; the dusk adds purple to the building. All colors are present.

I took this with my smartphone, hence the extreme proportions of the building, and the crosshatches made by the lights. Usually I am frustrated by these compositional failings with my camera, but this time they were welcome.

. . . . . . .

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My Neighborhood

houses on hillside
houses on hillside

My neighborhood.

It’s always fun to look at your home from a distance. My house is a little off-center on this hillside, and very tiny! But I know each of the houses on that hill after living there 23 years, walking for my errands or riding my bike, or just looking at others’ gardens and getting to know my neighbors. I like this view with the leaves down and the hillside in early evening shadow, the umbers of bare trees and forest green of the spruces and pines a deep backdrop to each home’s color, brick or siding, and roof.


walkway between buildings
black and white photo of old houses


Houses are tightly packed here; the parking lot was at one point a home as well. The weathered concrete sidewalk sprouts autumn wildflowers.


buildings reflected in glass block

Glass Block Reflections

Buildings broken up into neat squares like chocolate in their reflection in the glass block of a building across the street.