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Remembrance Tree

photo of tree wiht patriotic decorations

Remembrance Tree

Someone (probably several someones) has decorated this pitch pine in a local county park for years. I’ve been driving past it for at least 15 years and remember when a row of four pitch pines were planted here to help with erosion. Only one survived so perhaps a little celebration is in order for its longevity.

This began years ago for Christmas—a natural act, considering the holiday—and eventually included every holiday. After Christmas this year, sometime after the big snow, this patriotic display went up. I know we have a number of veterans and active service persons in the area and I hope it’s only for the sake of honoring them all and not because the person who decorates the tree has lost a loved one.

P.S. I was away for a few days and am just catching up on posting photos. Sorry to send them all at once!