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I can’t help it, wherever I walk I see flowers, and when they are the forgotten one everyone else calls “weeds” and I know they are imperiled by cutting or spraying, I bring a bunch of them home.

Wildflowers can be found anywhere, in an alley, coming up through the cracks in a sidewalk, they are our native species of flora, and feed our native species of fauna, yet we treat them like the enemy. I don’t walk anywhere special most of the time, just from my neighborhood a few blocks to Main Street, but there are railroad tracks, a creek, and an alley or two, always full of willing blossoms. I can cut big bunches to bring home and it hardly looks as if I’ve removed anything.

In this bunch, the yellow starburst is cow parsnip, the clusters of four-petaled flowers are dame’s rocket, the violet flowers are crown vetch, a type of clover bred for hillsides in Pennsylvania, the oxeye daisies are obvious, and the spikes of yellow flowers are yellow sweet clover; there is also white sweet clover but it must be on the other side.

I wanted the flowers in a vase but didn’t have any place to set it down and actually wanted some color a little higher than the basket on the seat of this chair, so I placed a mayonnaise jar in a blue plastic mesh onion bag and looped a knot of it over the top of the chair. The wildflowers are long-lasting and it’s shady in that spot, so they last a good long time, a week or more, unless, of course, I find another cluster of wildflowers that needs to be saved.

I’ll take a bunch of wildflowers over hothouse flowers any day.

Sweet Memories

basket with forget-me-nots

Sweet Memories

The forget-me-nots blooming in a basket in the front of my house catch the last of the evening sun. I find something incredibly sweet about the way they look in the basket on this chair.

front of house


I planted native forget-me-not seeds the year I moved into this house and they’ve continued to seed themselves and bloom all over my hard for the next 21 years. There are so many, and they come up in somewhat inconvenient places, like between bricks on walkways, so I pull them and plant them in all sorts of containers. As long as they remain damp, the show no signs of the trauma of being moved.

I also pulled a few chairs out of someone’s trash and use them for decoration in the yard. I like the use of chairs and other unusual props and planters in landscaping, but was always concerned mine would l0ok like I had simply placed a chair in the front yard and forgotten it.

Here is one of the chairs with the baskets of forget-me-nots and the red train lantern that I pull around to the front of the chair and light when company is coming in the evening. The creeping myrtle, lunaria, cranesbill geranium and daylily fronts look so lush with this first flush of spring.