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Two Ducks on a Date

two mallards
two mallards in water

Two Ducks on a Date

These two mallards were incredibly sweet, down stream from the rest of the group and slowly circling an area of the creek as if they were graceful ice-skaters skating arm in arm and just getting to know each other. Later they were really funny in their little mallard mating dance, he bobbing his head up and down and she lowering her head to the water level in approval—I wish I’d had the chance to get a little video but I was too far away. Then after that was finished they kissed under water, or is this the equivalent of one soda and two straws? On Chartiers Creek in Carnegie, PA.

two mallards

Mating Dances

. . . . . . .

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Everybody in the Pool!

ducks in chartiers creek

Everybody in the Pool!

But aren’t their little fannies cold? The air temperature is about 20 degrees, there’s ice on the water, and the ducks are acting as if it’s the middle of summer in the spa. You ought to hear the racket they make, just like a crowd of people all talking at one time. I guess this is about the only time body fat is a good thing. Love the orange feet.

These mallard ducks are spending the afternoon on lovely Chartiers Creek as it flows through Carnegie, right under Main Street. The ducks live in little nests in protected spots on the banks of the creek and with their coloring are so well-camouflaged against the foliage in any season that it’s a big surprise when a duck seems to pop out of the hillside and into the water. In the summer they are followed by a long string of ducklings who also emerge from some Narnia portal.

They are having a very sociable time, though we would be freezing.

I can’t figure out why, but my photo looks a little blurry on my blog, but it doesn’t in my dashboard right before I post. Hmmm.