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Undecided Geese

group of geese in water
group of geese in water

Undecided Geese

The Canada geese were paddling along on Chartiers Creek as I made my late afternoon errands and they generally move with grace and composition, but they got all bunched up as they were going under the bridge—I think it was because the bridge has a pier in the center and some of them decided to go on the other side…and these guys just couldn’t decide what to do.

Then some goose took the initiative and everyone got in line. Geese like to know where they stand, or paddle.

geese swimming in a line

Decided Geese

Song Sparrow on the Rocker

photo of song sparrow standing on turquoise rocker

Song Sparrow on the Rocker

A little striped song sparrow emerges from its protected spot under the turquoise rocker on my deck and eyes the bird feeder hanging from the eaves.

The landscape of snow itself is beautiful, even around my neighborhood. The opportunity to photograph my backyard birds against the clean white backdrop, though, is too good to pass up. Photographing birds in winter can be a challenge because most of them blend into their background of umber branches and withered leaves, but the snow is not only like a professional backdrop, it’s also like an auxiliary lighting feature as the light reflects from it from all angles, and especially underneath, enhancing details of little birds I’d never see so clearly otherwise.