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crabapple on branch
crabapple on branch


One last wizened crabapple dangles off the tip of a branch in bright winter sun. Found on one of my walks to the bank and post office today.

Is this possibly where humans found the idea of decorating trees with little round red ornaments in winter?

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Crabapple Cranberry

branch with blossoms

Crabapple blossoms.

Again, so many blossoms, so little time.

Crabapple trees seem to be one of the most popular spring-flowering trees, at least at older homes; newer varieties stay more compact and the fruit isn’t so “messy” as the good old-fashioned crabapple. When the sun’s been shining for days in the spring, you kind of expect something bright pink and frilly like this to emerge.

I love crabapples as well. I don’t eat them like little fruits, though there are a few varieties that are like tart, sweet little apples; rather I make pies and crisps and jelly with them. There’s nothing like a crabapple crisp in early autumn.

Apple Blossom Time

apple blossoms

Apple Blossom Time

So many blossoms, so little time.

Three old-fashioned apple trees stand at the corner of an office/warehouse building between Chartiers Creek and one line of railroad tracks. Not a place you’d expect to find three mature and beautiful apple trees planted in a triangle so that when they bloom they become a wall of blossoms. I finally found them in the morning light, which I knew would be best for where these trees are situated.

I love the deep pink of the blossoms while they wait to open, and the most delicate shade of pink when they have fully bloomed.