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Please Don’t Eat the Geraniums

doe with flowers
doe with flowers

Please don’t eat the geraniums…

She did anyway.

This was taken through the screen on my basement door.

. . . . . . .

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Pink Geranium

pink geraniums
pink geraniums

Pink Geraniums.

One of my pink geraniums catches the late afternoon sun. Over the years these pink geraniums, kept in the basement over winter and set outside in spring to flourish another year, have each changed color, fading to palest petal pink or deepening to magenta, another to a bright coral. This one retained some of the deeper pink veins on the petals along with a blush of deep pink fading to the top, , but edged with the finest line of deep pink, which makes the florets appear deep and lush, yet lacy. Any cuttings I take will likely not look like this, but will take on their own identity.