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Murals of Yesterday and Today


Three guys on bench.

I visited a customer in Homestead, PA today, and parked next to these murals, on the side of a building on a side street. I could only find the name and artist for one, but I will surely find information on the rest.

The pear trees were blooming and traffic was passing so I couldn’t get a clear shot of any of them. However, I liked the young pear tree with its blossoms as part of this photo, delicately decorating the mural of the three bench guys and even intermingling with the faded painted remnants of the shop sign on the brick wall.

tile mural

Mural of individually painted tiles.


Entrance to the Monongahela Valley

Very art deco. as the Monongahela River pours out of the bottom of the painting.

homestead strike

“1892”, the year of the Homestead Strike

Homage to the Homestead Strike in 1892.



Mural of individually painted tiles.

Murals of individually painted tiles.

homestead mural

“Homestead” by Ian Green

This is the only mural about which I could find any identification. It’s on a second-story fire escape, and it’s as if the woman is standing there, with her child.


Man coming home from work.

This mural of a man apparently coming home from work, taking off his hard hat as he climbed the fire escape; if you looked across the street from it at the right angle, the railing in the painting mimics the actual railing of the fire escape.