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Icicle Lights

photograph of icicles lit by colored lights

Icicle Lights

I give in. The snow and ice are beautiful, especially once I turned my holiday lights back on.

The colors and textures in this reminded me of foiled holiday gift wrap paper we had when I was little. The foiling was textured with narrow vertical ribs and all the colors of the rainbow subtly mixed in the foiling, subdued by the texture. That was when we used to re-use wrapping paper, so we often saw the same papers year after year in smaller and smaller pieces. I still have a small, folded swatch of it, and I just enjoy looking at it.

I had intended something else with this shot. I have a few whopper icicles hanging off my front porch, the longest being about five feet. They are a solid, rippled sheet of ice at the top, and the lights are encased in it. I did get that shot last night and I like it, too, but this one is just visually more interesting. Plus there’s the wrapping paper connection.