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New Year’s Eve at 3rd Street Gallery

three musicians in a gallery

Haywood and Friends entertain for New Year's Eve at 3rd Street Gallery.

Just a small gathering of friends as we listened to more friends, Haywood and Friends, play their brand of jazz at the 3rd Street Gallery in Carnegie, PA. From left is Phil Salvato, painter and bassist, all the paintings on the walls are his; Ron Bossetti, saxophones and clarinets and other such instruments, former high school music teacher and regular at 3rd Street; and Haywood Vincent, jazz pianist and arranger.

wall of paintings

A Wall of Paintings

photo of musicians

Ron, Haywood and Swami Shantanand smiling on approvingly.

photo of piano player

Haywood happy at his piano.

photo of gallery with piano

3rd Street Gallery, Phil's piano and paintings.

black and white photo of musician through piano

Haywood in the piano, desaturated color with film grain filter added (since photos were grainy already).

filtered photo of musicians

And because it's a gallery, a Photoshop dry brush filter of the trio.

Happy New Year!

Auld Lang Syne

photo of jazz musicians playing in an art gallery

Auld Lang Syne

It’s been a while since I stopped at the 3rd Street Gallery in Carnegie, PA to listen to the guys play jazz.

On bass is Phil Salvato, who owns the gallery; all the paintings you see in the photo are also his paintings. On piano is Haywood Vincent, improvisator extraordinaire with a huge repertoire, and on tenor sax is Ron Bissetti, former public school music teacher and long time jazz musician.

A small group of us had a simply merry time in the gallery space, restored from a century of alternate uses including a hardware store, florist shop and pizza shop. Read more about the 3rd Street Gallery at