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Walking to the Sky in the Morning

"Walking to the Sky" sculpture
"Walking to the Sky" sculpture

“Walking to the Sky”

This sculpture, a copy of “Walking to the Sky” by Jonathan Borofsky, stands in a common area of the Carnegie-Mellon University campus. It’s quite prominent and seen from the street and many people didn’t like the idea of it before it was installed in 2006 and still don’t like it today. But then a certain number of people don’t like anything new, and it’s just not to others’ taste. Seven individuals of various ages, races, genders and occupations walk up a stainless steel pole set at a 75-degree angle with a couple more watching from below. I like it better knowing the story of its inspiration, stories the artist’s father told him when he was growing up about the giant who lived in the sky and would help those below, and father and son would visit in the stories.

I like the view of it above, it’s interesting and for me illustrates the idea well. Below is a distance view of it from the side, and even though I knew what it was it actually looked as if there was a crane and something was under construction.

You can read more about it on Wikipedia

and in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the CMU Tartan.

"Walking to the Sky" distance view

“Walking to the Sky” distance view

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