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Fireworks From This Morning

leek flowers with water droplets
leek flowers with water droplets

The leeks this morning with raindrops.

My favorite fireworks are the big umbrella-shaped ones that fill the sky with long arching trails of color that end in a starburst of light.

Last night we had quite a bit of natural fireworks for several hours in the form of a much-needed storm with lots of lightning and thunder. This morning the raindrops still sit on the tips of the long rays of the leek flowers, glistening in the morning sun.


Backyard Fireworks

leek flower with bees

Flower Fireworks

These leek flowers have always made me think of my favorite fireworks, the big umbrellas of stars with the streamers inside.

Of course, the bees could create fireworks of another sort if they weren’t so concerned with the flowers.

Daytime Fireworks

leek flower with bees

Daytime Fireworks

My leeks are in full bloom, this one photographed in the afternoon of the 4th of July looking like the big beautiful umbrella-type fireworks I’d see later in the evening.

I like that big wasp-like insect too. That and the yellow-jacket are no danger to me when blooming plants are around!