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Moonrise With Clouds

moon with clouds

Thunder Moon Clouds

What else do you call this? I have so many moonrises…

Last night as I photographed the full moon I had to wait for it to rise above the wispy clouds just above the horizon. The blue of the sky and cream-pink of the clouds was so delicate I decided to try a few photographs.

This is a challenge, but not impossible, for two reasons. First, the moon and clouds are actually moving, and quite quickly though it’s hard to detect because they are so far away, but it’s enough to make the clouds, especially, appear hazy or blurry. Second, the moon is technically as bright as the sun, especially the full moon simply because it’s full, and the contrast of that brightness with the background usually doesn’t enable you to catch both elements. In this case, I shot at a higher shutter speed with a polarizing filter—just an educated guess, dim the bright light while the shutter catches less of the cloud movement—then brought it into PhotoShop to bring out the midrange tones, even slightly adjusting the moon itself separetely. The colors aren’t as accurate as I’d like, but it’s step 1 in this process. Next time I try HDR, letting my camera take three bracketed shots and then letting PhotoShop combine them to their best effect.