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Ladies’ Dresses

ladies dresses
ladies dresses

Ladies’ Dresses

Lots and lots of ladies’ dresses hanging in, of all places, the Strip District in Pittsburgh. Do we strip and try them on? No, it’s just the original strip of wholesale warehouses for all sorts of produce and dry goods. And ladies’ dresses.

I applied the “poster edges” filter to achieve the vibrance and contrast from the original scene; I had to take the photo through my car window.

. . . . . . .

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Three Columbine Flowers

three pink columbine flowers
three pink columbine flowers

Three Columbines

They look like little ladies in hoop skirts, delicate and beautiful, three columbine flowers in the morning.


canada geese in formation
canada geese in formation

Hey, wait a minute…

The geese were paddling along in formation on Chartiers Creek, but it looked to me as if one of them had another idea.

To Catch a Cloud

trees, sky and cloud

To Catch a Cloud

Two trees use their bare twigs and branches to snag a passing cloud.

This changeable March weather brings heavy rains, high winds and clear blue skies with puffy clouds, all in the same afternoon.

Along Chartiers Creek and the railroad tracks just off Main Street in Carnegie, PA.

I Will Miss My Christmas Lights

photo of my holiday lights

Christmas Lights

Not the best photo, but the last day of January approaches the last day the lights will be on.

I will indeed miss marking 5:00 p.m. every day, even as the days grow longer, to see from the corner of my eye that the colored lights are “on”. I have a grapevine garland I made swagged around the outside of my porch roof right under the gutter, and the lights are draped on that garland. I used to be a white-light-only person, but one year I wanted the warmth of those little multi-colored lights and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I purchased a few strands of the new LED lights this year, and I just don’t like them, the colors aren’t right.

I’ll string other lights around the door, maybe even the pink flamingoes already, or just the string of white lights with red hearts for Valentine’s day, then I can change to green shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day.

I think I’ll string the lights around the underside of the roof so they glow and I can see them inside.