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Cultural at Night

photo of city at night

Cultural at Night

A lovely spring night in downtown Pittsburgh as the pear trees in the Cultural District bloom and petals swirl in the evening breeze and drift along the sidewalk, lights flicker and people walk around without coats. Waiting for the bus is easy with this much to look at.

What’s Playing in Pittsburgh

Photo of the Benedum Center's marquee posters

What's Playing in Pittsburgh?

Here’s what’s upcoming at the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts (formerly the Stanley Theater) in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. What a welcome sight is all that color and promise on a snowy gray day.

On another marquee I saw that Cats is coming at the end of the month. I’m definitely going.

The Benedum kept the old Stanley Theater’s lighted marquee. The lights flash in sequence so it looks as if the sign is moving. I have a photo of it from one of the art openings, and I’m going to a gallery crawl later this month. I’ll have to work on that one.

Un-Deck the Walls

photo of people taking down artwork in a gallery

Un-Deck the Walls

The show was called “Deck the Walls”.

The year and the show are over. Today we all went to pick up the art that didn’t sell. I sold one piece–a photograph which I’ll feature soon. In the meantime, the party’s over for Associated Artists of Pittsburgh at Gallery 707.

See the photo from the opening under “Deck the Walls”.