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Conversation Around the Fire

ink sketch of civil war reenactors in camp
ink sketch of civil war reenactors in camp

“Conversation Around the Fire”, ink, 7″ x 10″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I had the chance to do one field sketch at yesterday’s reenactment event as the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves took a break from maneuvers to warm up and just have a good conversation with hot coffee around the fire. I had intended to sketch maybe two people, and maybe one or two ladies in dresses, when I’d visualized the sketches I’d like to get based on past events, but it was so cold and windy not too many people were standing around outside. This is done in ink on multi-media paper.


A Cold Day in April

civil war reenactors
civil war reenactors

A Cold April Afternoon

Just a few photos from yesterday’s Civil War Living History event at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall. I always look for one that works well in sepia, and this group from the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves huddled around the campfire that sputtered in the wind worked well, especially when I got to an angle where no houses could be seen on the hill in the distance.

Below a young re-enactor wears a period dress and crocheted sontag to match and her hair tucked into a light snood with a young lady’s headpiece made by her mother as she gazes out a window of the Capt. Thos. Espy Post on the dim and cold afternoon.

young lady civil war reenactor

Young Lady

And we had a surprise guest—Andrew Carnegie himself, or so it seemed!

andrew carnegie reenactor

Andrew Carnegie himself came to visit.

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