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The View From Here

Vintage Rocker
Vintage Rocker

Vintage Rocker

The vintage green rocker I’ve been moving around my yard all summer has finally found its happy spot, especially on an unexpectedly warm November afternoon. It will be nice on unexpectedly warm summer afternoons as well, out there on my tiny courtyard, right off the front porch. Now and then through the years, after I put my porch swing “up” for the winter, I’ve sat on the edge of the porch in the sun. Now, after all these years, I have a real chair.

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Old Color and New

basket of gourds on rocker
basket of gourds on rocker

Old Colors and New

I was stunned by the volumes of bold texture in every element of this photo including the shadows, and the contrast of the warm weathered tones of the gourds, basket and woven rocker seat with the turquoise of the rocker itself. I look at this all the time, but not until the angled evening light came between the houses  and washed over just a part of it, just the tops of everything, that these mysteries were revealed.

This rocker and a few other features starred in another photo from last fall, “Autumn Colors”.

Old, But Colorful

brook with rocker on deck
brook with rocker on deck


I swept the snow this morning with this old broom and leaned it against the old rocker with the old basket on it, on the old deck. Old is not bad, old is weathered and worn to show it’s been there. I should really replace the broom some day but I never remember until I need to use it, though all the broomstraws are broken off at the first string that holds them together, which is also unraveling, but still quite red, while the handle still has a little of its original turqouise. It all makes a fine still life.

Worn Wood

photo of wooden things

Worn Wood.

Wooden items, painted, stained, natural; the white rocker, the oak split basket, bench, deck and steps, have all seen the effects of weather, settling into their natural patterns and types of wear, softened by late afternoon sun.