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Veterans: A Designed Collage

sign header
sign header

Liberty Tree Sign Header

I thought I’d share this emblem I designed for Memorial Day.

I designed this art as the header for a series of signs, using two photos I’d taken at my Carnegie’s Memorial Day parades, softening and blending them together and adding the Coolidge quote per the client for this design assignment. The background is a scan of a piece of parchment paper.

Our fire department hangs a huge flag over Main Street for the parade, and I have a great time every year photographing this flag as it hangs or waves in whatever weather we happen to have on the day of the parade; I have used these flag images dozens of times in other designs. The image of the veterans is a group of veterans from our local VFW, one from each of the conflicts represented and from different branches of the military.

You can read about the entire sign installation on my “What’s New?” blog under Liberty Tree Grove Signs for ACT. In addition to the main sign, I designed a series of smaller 14″ x 18″ complementary signs digitally printed on aluminum and mounted at an angle on posts. One was an overall sign explaining what the Liberty Tree Grove signified and why trees were chosen as dedications, and seven marker signs, one for each of the trees.