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Wintercreeper Berries: Who Knew?

Purple-Leaf Wintercreeper Berries

Wintercreeper Berries

They look like a holiday decoration! This was taken before the snow, but I had to post it this week because of its color.

I never knew this plant had berries until I saw something flaming red out in the garden–in early December.

I grew up with a big patch of this stuff on a steep hillside next to our driveway, but my mother liked everything trimmed into neat shapes. I prefer the natural look because it’s so easy to take care of–also becuase I like natural shapes in general. That also gives things a chance to bloom that we might not otherwise know actually bore fruit of any kind.

This plant is purple-leaf wintercreeper, a somewhat common groundcover that grows in a dense tangle, great cover for wildlife and homes for snakes and spiders. I have it growing right outside the fence on one side of my vegetable garden and often see garter snakes slipping in and out of the cover under the fence and also see the cone-shaped webs of brown recluse spiders leading down into the leaves as well as orbs stretching on top. Thanks to the local wildlife for doing their job in controlling insects in my garden.

And thanks to the wintercreeper for not only turning its green leaves purple-burgundy for winter as its name suggests, but also for blooming in the middle of a 10-day stretch of dark weather.