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Happy Rain

rain falling

Happy Rain

After a day and night of rain it seemed we were in the clear, as it were, this afternoon when the sky brightened and we even saw a bit of blue and sunshine. Then suddenly, as if it had been scheduled to arrive, huge raindrops began smacking into everything right at 4:00, just a few, then more, and within minutes the din was deafening and I could barely see across the street with lots of thunder rolling through the valley. The birds sang all through it, though, including the baby wrens in the pussy willow, and the chickadees who had taken cover and were made about having to abandon their feeders.

My gutters runneth over. This was a very happy rain.

(This photo is actually from August 9, 2011, but it was so much like today, and nearly the same date that I had to share it again.)

. . . . . . .

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