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Poem for Sunday: Feverfew

Do flowers make us happy? Especially those little smiling faces of daisies and daisy-like flowers? Used to represent a universal flower type, little white flowers with yellow centers and a circlet of white petals have always been recognized as symbols of innocence and childhood. I’m a sucker for a little white flower, be it chamomile […]

Cloaking, Clothing and Fireworks

My mother’s birthday was July 7; born in 1925 she would have been 90 years old this year. Through the years we usually celebrated it along with our July 4 festivities, and this holiday and something about summer clothing reminds me of her. I originally wrote this essay in 2013. . . . . . […]

Father’s Day
My father and me, spring 1964.

I find it sweet to see all the tributes on Father’s Day, even the simple one-line thank yous, pictures of dads who look like anyone’s dad, just everyday ordinary people who were heroes to at least one person. I see comments that are not so positive as well, and am glad for the honesty of […]

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary
The post card invitation to my first solo exhibit.

“The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Celebrating the art in everyday life” In every moment of every day, everywhere I go, I see something extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring. I left my day job to work at home as a commercial artist, fine artist and writer on January 1, 2000 after freelancing as a graphic designer and […]

Memorial Day Parade, a pencil sketch
"Memorial Day Parade", 12" x 18", pencil, 2008 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

The good old traditional parade on the good old traditional Main Street, in my home town of Carnegie, PA. I am not a big fan of parades but my mother loved them, so every year until the year before she died I set us up on Main Street regardless of the weather and we cheered […]

photo of composition book memory of mother

My mother ended her long battle with life four years ago today. I think of her daily in one thing or another as I’m sure we all do our mothers. Though ours was a more antagonistic relationship and memories are not so fine, in my everyday thoughts I find a different story and one small […]

Original Art: Dusk in the Woods

A fitting way to send off the year, with a painting of the “blue hour”, “l‘heure bleue“, that time of transition, and though it really is a painting of the woods in snow this painting is still connected to my felines in a very deep and special way, and to many other things. . . […]

The Christmas Moon
The Christmas Moon

This is one of my stories of Christmas magic, a moment in time that really did happen one Christmas night several years ago. I was driving home on a Christmas night, traveling along a dark two-lane road in a somewhat rural area that was familiar and fairly close to home. As dusk fell the light […]

Thanksgiving 1983
Thanksgiving 1983

My father and mother sitting at the table after we were done eating Thanksgiving dinner, 1983. My father is 68, my mother is 62. My sister is in the chair to the left holding her youngest daughter, and her older daughter is just visible on the right. I remember every cup and plate on the […]

A Party on Main Street
election day

The sun was turning golden in late afternoon when I walked down to my polling place on election day in November 2012. Main Street looked lovely, and with this flag perfectly illuminated at the moment I walked toward it I thought what being able to cast a vote means to all of us in every […]